Alena Kostornaia

Internationaux de France: Blood, Sweat and Tears

On Saturday the competition at the 2019 edition of the Internationaux de France came to an end at the Patinoire Polesud in Grenoble. With the rain continuing to fall as it had done all week, it was perhaps fittings that there were also signs of pure emotion inside the rink. (more…)


Internationaux de France: It’s Too Darned Hot (And Also Too Cold)

Inside frosty interior of the Patinoire Polesud, the competition got under way at the Internationaux de France on Friday in Grenoble as the skaters burned up the ice with their performances. (more…)

Three Titles For Russia At Cup Of Austria

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The ISU Junior Grand Prix moved on to Linz, Russia for its second round and for the second week in a row Russia was the dominant nation at the competition. (more…)