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2022 World Junior Championships: Everything You Need To Know

After a postponement and a change of host, the World Junior Championships kick off tomorrow in Tallinn, Estonia. The Estonian capital also held the last edition of the championships which took place back in March 2020 days prior to the Covid-19 pandemic officially being declared.


Nazarova and Nikitin: Ukrainian Display of Courage and Defiance on World Stage

By Hiro Yoshida with Seán Gillis

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On 24 February, life changed completely for Oleksandra Nazarova and Makysm Nikitin when Russia invaded their home country. After escaping the heavily bombarded city of Kharkiv, the Ukrainian ice dancers delivered a powerful message through their performance at the World Championships in Montpellier, France.


2022 Winter Olympics: Beijing Games Conclude

And just like that, another Olympics comes to an end. Beijing was not just any ordinary Olympics though. Until the moment it began there were many who doubted it would go ahead. The pandemic still managed to encroach into the skating bubble with a number of skaters sidelined by the strict protocols in place. A doping scandal shone a light on an aspect of the sport that needed to be addressed. There were moments of joy, sadness, excitement and frustration. And now it will be four years ago until we do it all again.


Komatsubara and Koleto: Forging Their Own Path

By Hiro Yoshida

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The road to the Beijing for Misato Komatsubara and Tim Koleto has had its fair share of twizzles and turns even since the Japanese ice dancers bagged an Olympic place for their nation at the World Championships in March 2021.