Ode To Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf is not the easiest place to get to if you want to see some skating. If you land at Munich Airport, it is a three hour trek by (very efficient) German public transport which after a long or an early (or both) flight is not the most appealing thing to face. Yet for 51 years in a row at the end of September, the great and the good of the skating world have travelled in large numbers to this idyllic Alpine town for the Nebelhorn Trophy.

While these days the big names are as likely to attend the Autumn Classic in Canada or the Lombardia Trophy in Italy, the roll call of past champions and medallists at Nebelhorn is unparalleled outside of International Skating Union Championships. There are simply too many names to mention (and where would you even begin without offending anyone!).


This year’s competition is shaping up to be an interesting one with highly competitive fields across all four categories. You can check out the entries for yourself here. The ice dance event is looking particularly juicy!

Speaking of juicy, it is Oktoberfest in Bavaria right now (otherwise known as that time in the 17th century when a Polish princess and the German Crown Prince got married and everyone had such a great time that everyone now gets drunk for almost three weeks in September/October annually) and young and old are dressed up for the occasion. You too can kit yourself out in a full outfit for the princely sum of less than 190 euros. A steal!


However, there is serious business ahead of us tomorrow at the Nebelhorn Trophy and a one beer limit was self-imposed this evening. Most importantly for anyone coming here for the competition we can report immensely good news.

There. Is. A. New. Footbridge!


Anyone who came to Oberstdorf last year might recall having to take a lengthy diversion after passing under the cable car station on the way to the rink due to the pedestrian footbridge being out of order with no explanation. The old footbridge is still out of order, but fear not there is a brand new one to save your tired feet.


Because we know that coming to the Oberstdorf takes effort, we want to take the easy option sometimes. Here’s to the Nebelhorn Trophy! Prost!




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